Banjo Brake Lines
Fast-to-fit banjo brake line kits for maximum workshop efficiency


Turn the dial on your workshop efficiency to high, with the latest trailer innovation from Trailparts. Our fast-to-fit banjo brake line kits make fitting trailer brake lines a cinch. Just another way we do the business, so you can get on with yours.


Fitting has never been faster

Your workshop staff won’t need any fancy tools or special expertise to fit our innovative banjo brake line kits. Designed as a plug-and-play system, you’ll find it faster than ever to fit brake lines to any type of trailer chassis, and a tandem braked trailer installation can be done in under 20 minutes.

With simple componentry and only a spanner required, our kits are near impossible to get wrong. That means more units out the door, less reliance on skilled labour, and a better-looking bottom line for your business.

Get the right fit quick

With a big range of hose lengths, fittings and accessories available, it’s never been easier to build a custom brake line system for any trailer. Choose from 14 stainless steel braided hose line lengths between 1m and 8m, and double or single banjo fittings, plus accessories for easy routing and attachment, to make installing brake lines a breeze.

Ask us about custom brakeline kits

Need a certain brake line configuration regularly? Ask us about creating custom brake line kits for even faster and easier fitting - and turn your workshop efficiency dial up to 11.

Stainless steel for maximum durability

Trailparts banjo brake line kits are stainless steel throughout, ensuring maximum durability in any application or environment. That’s the sort of quality and reliability you can stake your name on.

Make sure your workshop is operating at maximum efficiency by specifying Trailparts banjo brake line kits. 

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