Custom axles for trailers, with 18 month warranty

Why do we use hollow axle technology?


Hollow Axles are up to 75% lighter than solid axles, greatly reducing the overall weight of the trailer. This makes the trailer easier to handle when installing and optimizes weight for heavier loads.

Better / Safer Towing

A critical objective in the automotive industry, esspecially in regards to towing is to reduce the unsprung weight. Doing so greatly improves towing experience, reduces wear and tear on all the key suspension stress points.

Built tough, Built Local

All our Axles are manufactured using strong, high integrity Australian steel. We take pride in local quality and thats why we source our steel from local suppliers. This allows us to procure specifically milled, quality, high tensile steel.

Are hollow axles stronger than solid?

For the SAME DIAMETER, no, the solid axle will always be stronger. But it obviously uses a greater amount of material. For the same amount of material you can have a hollow axle of greater diameter, which will be much stronger than a solid axle of the same mass. This allows hollow axles to resist bending and twisting more than solid axles without adding unnecessary weight.

Are hollow axles legal in Australia?

A surprisingly common question. YES hollow tube axles meet all ADR compliance regulations in Australia. They have become the preferred choice in many countries over the past 10 years including America, Canada, Europe, and New Zealand. Weight reduction while maintaining equal strength being their main advantage and quite important in the trailer industry.

Weight comparison - Solid vs Hollow Axles

Steel Size Solid Beam (kg/m) Sq. Hollow Section (kg/m) Weight Saving*
50mm Axle 19.63kg 6.97kg 25.5kg
65mm Axle 33.17kg 7.65kg 51.0kg

*These figures are indicative based off a 2m length axle

We understand that axles are a crucial part of trailer building, which is why Trailparts™ pre-assembled axles come with a full 18 month warranty. Upgrade your axle to Unihub with Sealed-For-Life bearing technology for a whopping 36 month warranty!

Trailer manufacturers are finding this service saves them time and staff capacity, while still giving them the confidence that their trailers aren’t compromised in any way.

Order your custom built trailer axle now using the Trailparts™Online Axle Builder. We make ordering axles easy so you can get on with your trailer project - No Hassles, No Worries

  • Our axles are made on a laser-set jig which ensures accuracy, consistency and quality of our axles.

  • Hubs are fitted, greased and ready to be bolted on your trailer.

  • All welds on DURA GALV are protected by zinc paint.

  • Packed and delivered to your door.

durable, accurate, reliable, consistent, quality trailer axles