Why Patriot Disc Brakes?

The Trailparts Patriot series define what a trailer disc brake should be. They give significant specification increases in every desirable area - brake pad size; piston on brake pad area; caliper frame rigidity; ventilated rotors; easy servicing features – delivering the total trailer disc brake package without compromising crucial space constraints and fit tolerances.

1500kg Version - 235mm Rotors

Patriot brake kits designed for use on LM and Slimline style stubs use a 235mm rotor that is 26mm thick, and they fit into 13” and larger ET0 or ET10 offset trailer rims, and 14” +30 rims easily. A 5 stud model with 5 x 114.3mm PCD is standard, with a 6 x 139.7mm version on a hub with larger hub face diameter also available.

2500kg Version - 290mm Rotors

Patriot 2500kg brake kits use a vented 290mm x 26mm thick rotor, and deliver truly outstanding braking performance; the increased piston/pad area of the Patriot caliper coming into its own on the increased diameter rotor. Available to suit 5 x 114.3mm and 6 x 139.7mm PCD’s. They fit into 14” and larger ET0 or ET10 offset trailer rims.

Patriot by the Numbers

The graphic below shows how the increased outputs of Patriot brakes will impact stopping distances given identical conditions, actuation, and trailer design. The graphic presumes a 2500kg trailer with 185R14C tyres and one axle braked from 30km/h using the trailer brakes only.

Trailparts™ Patriot caliper on 235mm ventilated disc 50mm mono piston caliper on 225mm disc 50mm mono piston caliper on 260mm disc
Effective Piston Area 2904mm² 1963mm² 1963mm²
Clamping Force Generated 8.01kN 3.73kN 3.73kN
Torque per caliper 606Nm 274Nm 329Nm
Stop from 30km/h 10.2m 17.4m 15.2m

Add a Parking Brake

All Trailparts™ Patriot calipers are quickly and easily able to have a mechanical park brake fitted, which is operated by cables and completely independently of the hydraulic components in the caliper. Every Patriot caliper is machined to take this upgrade as required, and is a cost effective solution to the requirement by law for braked trailers over 2500kg (NZ) or 2000kg (AU) to be fitted with a mechanical park brake; both at the time that the trailer is being built, and/or as an upgrade option at a later date.