Credo Elec-Hyd Preassembled Unit

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Innovative, effective wireless brake control technology

Discover the industry-leading and most versatile brake unit in the Australasian market. Designed for the marine market, Credo Brake Controllers unite a number of innovative features:

Quick and simple to install - no costly fixed in-vehicle wiring required

  • Multi Voltage capable, this means:
    1. Fully compatible with 12v and 24v vehicles
    2. Eliminates over-voltage damage commonly inflicted on braking systems of this type
  • Easy to use touch screen for simple and intuitive operation, on-the-move adjustments and system troubleshooting
  • Easy installation to trailer just connect, input and output 7 core along with brakeline to pump and you're on your way!
  • Ability to switch the in-cab portion of the controller between tow vehicles

Multi-vehicle benefits

Designed with ease of use in mind, Credo Brake Control systems are fitted to trailers and equipment. This unit set up makes it possible for any suitable tow vehicle** to tow a trailer fitted with a Credo™ module.

In multi-vehicle situations benefits of fitting a CredoTM system are significant:

  • Simple and intuitive to use, reducing the changes of operator error
  • Enjoy the ultimate versatility in multi- vehicle fleets
  • Allows towing of trailers from with weights of 1 to 3500kg New Zealand or 2000kg to 4500kg in Australia.
  • Hire plant out on trailers, and enjoy the saving on delivery costs while giving customers greater flexibility
  • Fully compliant with Australian transport rules ADR 38/05, VIB6, and VSB1

**Any tow vehicle with an operational standard power socket that can deliver up to 5 amps on the tail-light circuit.
***Sens-a-brake™ and Hydrastar XL™ actuators are not suitable for use with Trailparts™ Credo™ controllers.

Credo™ User Guide and Installation Manuals

Download copies of our user guide and installation manual for our Credo™ Wireless Brake Controllers here:

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